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Interactive Training
We are proud to offer MILO as a training tool for your agency. MILO is interactive use of force training in police scenarios. This training compliments, but is not a substitute for federal and state use of force legal instruction or knowledge of your department use of force policy.
MILO is interactive giving the participant the opportunity to interact in a scenario as though it were real life. With each training session the participant will be given instruction with expectations as well as critiqued by his/her department’s use of force instructor. The NLETC representative is there only to operate the equipment.
MILO has approximately 247 different scenarios with branching options. These branching options are designed so the participant may be given the same scenario but the actions of the officer or suspect may be different. Some training tools offered are in the following areas: Active shooter, Armed Disturbance, Robbery in Progress, Assault in Progress, Drunk & Disorderly Persons, Suicidal and Mental Persons, and Tactical.
NLETC will bring MILO to agencies who agree to host regional training. To host Regional Training the following criteria must be met:

  • Provide a room or facility capable of conducting the scenario training & securing equipment.     (See Specific* Facility  requirements)
  • Have at least 3 other agencies willing to participate. **Each agency is responsible for providing a use of force instructor or supervisor & critique their officers training. Failure to meet this requirement may prevent the agencies personnel from participating in training**
  • Provide one person to coordinate the logistics.

Regional training opportunities will be set on an individual basis each year. When MILO is scheduled in your area as regional training, we invite you to take part in this training at no cost. See our current training calendar to find out when MILO training will be in your area.

When requesting the MILO system please complete a registration form and submit, signed by your department head. With this form you will need to submit a copy of your department's USE OF FORCE POLICY, as well as the names of your Use of Force instructors for each agency participating.
NLETC will make arrangements with a contact person from your agency or host agency and schedule the dates and times accordingly. NLETC is not responsible for dates and time changes, or any other unforeseen circumstance that causes a cancellation. Please contact me if you have further questions.
Mark Stephenson
Staff Instructor
Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center
308-385-6030 ext. 310


Facility Requirements*


  • Room Size – The room should be about 25’ long by 20’ wide. A room this size allows for placement of the Use of Force Simulator system as well as enough room for the student to engage in any tactical movement a scenario might require.
  • Electrical Source – The must ba dependable electrical source in the room consisting of standard household current (110V, 60 cycles).
  • Lighting Source – The lighting sources in the room must be controllable. The room should not allow any outside light into the room. This type of light emits the same infrared frequencies that the system lasers transmit, and can cause the system to record false shots. The same is true of any incandescent lighting source and these will need to be turned off. (includes lighting such as Exit signs)
  • Cover and Concealment – There should be some type of cover and concealment placed in the room to simulate street conditions and give the user the option to demonstrate their tactical skills should the scenario requires application of these types of skills.
  • Secure Room – The room must be able to be locked so access can be limited to the operator and/or designated individual during times when the room is not in use.

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