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Patrol Rifle Instructor Course


Students are responsible for lodging ($20.00 double occupancy) and meals.  NLETC reserves the right to limit the number of students from any one agency.

Pre-Requisite:  Certified Firearms Instructor

This course is designed for certified firearms instructors and you MUST BE A CERTIFIED FIREARMS INSTRUCTOR TO ENROLL.  You may be required to submit proof of certification prior to receiving your acceptance letter from NLETC.  If you have any questions for criteria to enter this course please contact Mark Stephenson at NLETC.

Entry Criteria:  After a short briefing.  Participants will be required to pass a written nomenclature test over the AR-15 platform rifle.  Immediately following, Participants will then be required to pass a rifle qualification course with a minimum score of 90% AND 5 of 7 time standards.  There will be no make-up or re-shoot.  This course requires the participants to shoot from 50 yards to 7 yards from the standing, kneeling, and prone position and demonstrate a transition to their hand gun.  This course is fired on a standard "Q" target.  This criteria is designed to insure participants are at a competency level capable of becoming a Rifle Instructor.  Failure to pass the pre-test OR the qualification will result in the participant being dismissed from training.  If the participant questions their skill level please feel free to contact Mark Stephenson for further information regarding the pre-test and qualification.  You should ensure the condition of your weapon prior to arrival.

Certification Requirements:  Participants in this course will be required to successfully complete the instructor's qualification course.  This course will be the same course of fire the participant fired for qualification to enter the course, but will be performed on a standard "Q" target with a modified "hit zone".  This qualification course will be conducted each day prior to the end of class.  At any time during the course if the participant shoots a score of 90% and meets all the time standards on the instructor qualification, the qualification requirement for certification is considered complete.  If the participant fails to qualify by the last day of the course they will receive a CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE.

Course Description:  The course will provide the student with the fundamentals for instructing their agency's personnel in the safe and effective use of the carbine type rifle.  This class is designed to enhance the teaching skills of the student and to assist in developing and conducting safe, effective, agency-related rifle training.  This is NOT a Tactical or SWAT Course.  It is not designed to increase your shooting skills.

All classes and range exercises are conducted at the instructor level.  Students must be physically capable of quickly and safely assuming standing, kneeling, sitting and prone positions, maintaining them and safely recovering from them without assistance.

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Required Firearm: This course will only accept participants with rifles capable of firing .223 or .308 rounds and have magazine capacity of at least 20 rounds. Optics, such as red dot sights, EOTech sights, scopes or similar devices will not be allowed in this course. All qualifications and range drills will be performed with "iron sights".

Law Enforcement duty-type patrol rifle (Zeroed and ready to shoot) fitted with a sling, at least three magazines with a capacity of at least 20 rounds each, duty handgun and DUTY GEAR (type worn on duty), hand held duty flashlight, knee pads and elbow pads, pen/pencil, large permanent marker, sight adjustment tool for the rifle, range clothing (appropriate range clothing does not include shorts or sleeveless shirts), appropriate cleaning equipment for rifle and handgun, eye and ear protection, cap (baseball or wide-brimmed), shooting mat (optional), spotting scope (optional).

Ammunition:  1500 rounds rifle ammunition, 250 rounds handgun ammunition 

Start Date 4/30/2018 Start Time 8:00 AM
End Date 5/4/2018
Tuition $100 plus lodging and meals as applicable Class Limit 20
Location NLETC
Instructor Joe Hayes
Prerequisite None

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