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The minimum age of our students is set by statute at 21 years of age. There is no statutory maximum age. The physical condition of the individual and their ability to sustain the rigorous training are the major determining factors. While the average age for each class is 28, each class contains many students who are making mid-life career changes into the law enforcement profession. We routinely have students in their 50's who successfully complete the course.

The minimum educational requirement for admission is a high school diploma or GED. The educational level of each class varies, but about 1/3 have an associate degree or higher. About another 1/3 have accumulated some post-secondary hours, but have not received a degree. While academically demanding, instruction is delivered at an 11th grade reading and comprehension level. Diligence and good study habits are more indicative of academic success than educational level.

There are also physical entrance standards that a student must achieve for admission. You can find these here.

About 1/4 of the students in each class have had previous successful military service. These students bring a dedication to public service and a level of maturity that makes them attractive applicants for law enforcement jobs.

Females constitute around 10% of each class, which mirrors the number of women in active law enforcement jobs in Nebraska. Female students do well in the training program, and are actively recruited by law enforcement agencies.

Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center

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