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If you are a law enforcement officer and interested in working in Nebraska, the following information may be of interest to you.

Nebraska provides a system of reciprocity certification for officers from other states and federal agencies including members of the United States Armed forces trained and stationed as police officers. Employment by a law enforcement agency in Nebraska is not required to complete the reciprocity program. You may make application to complete the program and then seek employment with an agency.

Reciprocity is based upon specific conditions that must be met by applicants. You must have:

  • Graduated from a basic certification academy and received a diploma or law enforcement certification.
  • Training and or education and experience that is considered equivalent to Nebraska’s basic certification training course.
  • Been appointed as a law enforcement officer and received a certification or license. (exceptions are made for federal officers or members of the armed forces not receiving certification)
  • Been employed for a minimum of 180 days as a full or part time officer by your current or previous agency. (Reserve and or auxiliary status are not accepted)
  • Been employed as a full or part time law enforcement officer within two years of application for reciprocity.
  • Left your agency (agencies) where previously employed in good standing.
  • Not had your certification or license revoked or currently under disciplinary suspension.

You may make application for admission for reciprocity certification if you meet the above standards. Officers interested in reciprocity certification in Nebraska may obtain an application by contacting the NLETC. An application will be sent upon request. A processing fee of $100.00 is required with the submission of your application.

You will be required to submit documentation of the following with your application:

  • A copy of your certification or license or verification of the same. (Exceptions can be made for federal and military law enforcement officers who do not receive certificates)
  • A copy of your basic training curriculum providing class topics, number of hours in each class, and learning objectives or a description of what topics are covered in each class.
  • Documentation of all in-service and continuing education, relevant military training, relevant formal education, and law enforcement experience that may be used to supplement basic certification training.
  • Letters from previous law enforcement employers documenting dates of employment, full or part time officer status, and that you left the agency in good standing.

The application will be submitted to a review process to determine if the applicant meets reciprocity admission standards. You must have training or a combination of training, education, and experience that is equivalent to Nebraska’s basic certification course. If you meet the admission standards, you will be scheduled to take a comprehensive test at the NLETC. THE ADMISSIONS TEST MUST ALSO BE COMPLETED BY THE DEADLINE. The comprehensive test is based upon common law enforcement practices. The comprehensive test does not contain Nebraska specific content. There is a $100.00 test fee.

If accepted into the reciprocity program, tuition of $936 is due prior to the start of the on-line portion of the course. Tuition is non-refundable. Total costs of the program including application fee, background fee (if not employed by an agency), testing, class materials, tuition, lodging, and certification fee at program's conclusion is $1,236.

Course details can be viewed under the course description found under the Training Tab. Before graduating from the course, students will need to show proof of having completed NIMS 100, 200, & 700, SFST Course, Radar certification, and have taken a basic HAZ MAT course. NLETC can provide training in SFST, Radar, and HAZ MAT that will be conducted during a Basic training course. Dates can be found on our website training calendar. Students must also demonstrate the ability to perform certain physical tasks as explained here.

All paperwork must be completed by the registration deadline of the online training program.

Further information regarding reciprocity certification and academy admission standards are provided at our Law Enforcement Certification Standards page and administrative rules Title 79, Chapters 3 and 8 of our Rules and Regulations.

Please contact us for further information or an application packet.

Information and applications may be obtained by contacting the NLETC at 308-385-6030 or

For specific question regarding applicant eligibility or admission standards into this program contact


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