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Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center

Photo ID Policy

To enhance student, staff and facility security, a photo ID policy has been placed in effect at the Training Center. All non-uniformed persons at the Training Center must display an agency photo ID or a photo ID issued by the Training Center. Persons beyond the front office who are not in uniform or wearing a photo ID will be directed to the office. A uniform must be a complete with agency patches, badge, and name of wearer. Raid jackets alone are not a uniform.

Allow extra time to check in if a photo ID will be needed.

Dress Code

Student conduct is found under Nebraska Crime Commission Operating Instruction 50-60. This is not new. Under letter (j): “A dress code for persons attending classes or meetings at the Center is in effect in order to promote professionalism and a positive image for law enforcement. Department uniforms, buttoned or pull over shirts with collars, sweaters, blouses, dress or casual slacks are all suitable attire for class, meetings, and the cafeteria. Casual slacks are considered to be “Docker” or similar style slacks.

T-shirts, pullover shirts without collars, sweatshirts, shorts, denim jeans of any color, fatigue style pants, article of clothing with printing or screening other than a small logo on the front, sandals, and shoes without socks are not acceptable attire for attendance at classes or meetings. Casual attire is permitted after 5:00 p.m. Gym clothes and tank tops are to be worn only when going to and from and participating in a physical exercise activity. Swimsuits shall be worn only in the locker rooms and training tank. Casual attire does not include being shirtless or barefoot in the Center .”

Denim and outdoor appropriate attire is permitted for outside skills training such as being on the gun range (no shorts). The Director is arbiter of objectionable attire.

Smoking Policy

The smoking area at the Training Center for day users of classrooms is the interior court yard with doors from the first floor student lounge. For overnight guests with a room key, the smoking area is the southwest courtyard between the dormitory wings (open end faces the gun range). Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the gun range. Smokers must move or take steps to prevent smoke from entering any open window of the dormitories. Smoking is not permitted at any entrance. Receptacles are in place to properly dispose of smoking materials when entering the building from parking lots.

Tattoo Policy

Any attire, tattoo, body art or piercing that would be considered degrading with regard to race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, handicap or disability in violation of the Training Center’s non-discrimination/harassment policy will not be tolerated while the student attends training and/or resides at the Training Center.  Additionally, any attire, tattoo, body art or piercing that would bring discredit upon the law enforcement profession by evidencing bias, prejudice or intolerance to the previous classes of individuals will not be tolerated while the student attends training and/or resides at the Training Center.   This will include any clothing, piercing, tattoo or body art that is determined to be gang-related.  

The Director of the Training Center will determine whether the attire, tattoo, body art or piercing is in violation of this section on a case-by-case basis.   If such attire, tattoo or body art is deemed to constitute a violation of this policy, the student will be required to remove the attire or piercing, cover the tattoo with clothing or a covering that conceals the tattoo or body art.  If the student fails to take corrective action as directed by the Director, the student may be disciplined for insubordination.

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