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Continuing Education

Nev. Rev. Stat. §81-1414.07 mandates all Nebraska law enforcement officers receive a minimum of 20 hours of continuing education annually.  To implement continuing education compliance, the Police Standards Advisory Council adopted Chapter 17.

In essence, the law requires all Nebraska certified and reserve officers to obtain a minimum of 20 hours of continuing education in the areas of criminal justice or law enforcement annually.  This includes Nebraska agencies that use special deputy state sheriffs.  If an officer is employed at any time during the calendar year, they must obtain 20 hours of continuing education for that year or face suspension of their license/certificate.  The reporting period will run from January 1 to December 31 each calendar year.  By law, only 10 hours of continuing education credit can be counted from classes taken on “the internet” towards the 20 hour minimum.

Law enforcement agency police chiefs and sheriffs decide what law enforcement related training counts towards the continuing education requirement for their own agency.  Existing agency in-service training programs, any training at a police academy, regional law enforcement training opportunities, professional conferences and seminars, internet or web-based training programs, and university or college courses count toward the annual requirement.

The agency head determines if training:

  • is delivered by local resources or away,
  • is classroom or practical application based,
  • consists of watching a video, using web resources, or a combination of any training delivery systems,
  • involves partnering with other agencies, such as local fire, EMS, Emergency Management, or other law enforcement agencies,
  • any combination of the above excluding shooting the annual state firearms qualification.

The agency head determines agency training needs and implements the training plan for his or her agency.

Reporting continuing education hours is done using your NCJIS account. The annual report will contain a check-off and an attestation from the agency head that every officer who has been employed by the department during the calendar year has received the minimum 20 hours of training. Sheriffs report their training in the same manner as all other officers.

Chapter 17 provides for a waiver of the continuing education. The waiver must be requested prior to January 7 of the following calendar year. If no waiver request is received by January 7, the individual officer will have their license suspended effective January 8.

The rule provides for waivers to the continuing education law for the same reasons as is used to waive the annual state firearms qualification shoot.  One waiver can be used to excuse an officer from one or both the continuing education and firearms requirements.  The Council would review these each February following a reporting period, the same as is currently done for firearms.  A copy of the waiver is enclosed or available on-line.

To ensure the training is being delivered and properly documented in training files, the rule provides that the training center director shall audit a random number of agencies annually.

Opportunities for training and web-based training can be found on our webpage under the training calendar tab.

Chapter 17
Sample Agency Record
Sample Individual Record
State Statutes §81-1414.07, §81-1414.08, §81-1414.09, and §81-1414.10

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