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Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center

NLETC Director’s Message

Welcome to the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center (NLETC) website. The NLETC campus is home to two law enforcement training academies. The Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Academy provides basic law enforcement certification training to all agencies in the state with the exception of the Nebraska State Patrol, The Omaha Police Division, and the Lincoln Police Department. Also on-site at the NLETC is the Nebraska State Patrol Training Academy.

Throughout the website you will find information regarding initial basic admission and certification standards; fees; how to reactivate a Nebraska law enforcement certificate; how to obtain Nebraska certification when a person has been certified in another state and law enforcement job listings.

The Basic law enforcement certification program does not charge a tuition for an individual who is employed by a Nebraska Law Enforcement agency to attend basic certification training. This State support saves local tax dollars and assures Nebraskans that professionally trained law enforcement officers are being trained and certified at the NLETC to meet their community’s needs for quality law enforcement officers. It is an honor to provide this service to the law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve.

As the Director, it is my statutory responsibility to ensure that all agencies and all individual law enforcement officers meet the requirements to obtain and maintain their law enforcement certification. This includes investigating complaints of serious misconduct allegedly perpetrated by law enforcement officers in the State of Nebraska.

Please contact me at with any questions regarding the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center and our service to the citizens of the State of Nebraska.

Brenda Urbanek, Director



Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center

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